Track Skidder TSN-4

Versatile track skidder TSN-4 was created to replace the tractor TT-4 and used in off-road as a self-propelled chassis, as well as for the installation of technological equipment – drilling, welding, crane, pile, logging.

Tracked Chassis TSN-4
Engine YAMZ-236/238
Engine Power, hp 180
Fuel Consumption, l/h 6.67
Travel Speed, km/h 2-22
Number of Speed forward/reverse 5/1
Ground Clearance, mm 537
Departure Angle, ° 25
Maximum Height of Obstacles, m 0.6
Maximum Fording Depth, m 0.8
Ground Pressure, kPa 38
Maximum vertical load on the frame, kN 68.7
Dimensions (L×W×H), mm 5800x2495x2800
Weight, kg 10500 ±200