Track Drill URB

Track Drill URB is designed for drilling of cement plugs during oil and gas well workover and drilling of small wells.

Hole Diameter, mm 93/118
Maximum Hole Depth, m 300
Drilling Tool Rotation Speed, s-1 0.40; 0.60; 0.80; 2.33; 3.75; 5.42
Capacity, tn 4.6
Feed Stroke, mm 5200
Maximum Load Lifting speed, m/s 1.25
Compressor, m3/min 10
Pump Pressure, MPa 6.3
Compressor Pressure, MPa 0.8
Tracked Chassis TSN-4
Dimensions in transport position L×W×H, mm 7850х2750х3900
Dimensions in operating position (90°) L×W×H, mm 6920х2750х8325
Weight, tn 17.5