Pile Machine BM-831

Pile Machine BM-831 is used for drilling of round holes in solid and fractured rocks of I-IV drillability category, for installation and plugging of concrete and steel piles in the construction of pile foundations of buildings, power lines, etc.

Tracked Chassis TSN-4
Maximum Depth of Drilling with continuous toolfeed, m 8
Hole Diameter, m 0.36; 0.40; 0.45
Type of main Drilling Tool Screw
Hole Angle, ° 80-95
Type of Drilling Toolfeed Hydraulic
Type of Drive Rotation of the Drilling Tool Hydraulic
Drilling Time per bit (diameter 0.36 m and depth 8 m), min 15
Maximum Torque, N·m 14700
Maximum Thrust on the Drilling Tool (in the process of burial), kN 98
Maximum Thrust on the Drilling Tool (in the process of shank out), kN 68.6
Slewing Speed, rpm 32.5-80
Mast Reach, m 0.6
Load Capacity Winch, kg 3000
Hook-lifting Height, m 10
Maximum Length of the Pile, м 8
Weight of the Pile, kg  
– BM-831-01, BM-831-03 1200
– BM-831-02,BM-831-04 3000
Dimensions in transport position (L×W×H), mm 10600x2800x3800
Dimensions in operating position (L×W×H), mm 13600x2800x3800
Weight, tn 25