Crane-boring Machine BKM-534

Crane-boring Machine BKM-534 is a drilling unit, which completed with crane equipment capacity up to 2 tons and mounted on the track of TSN-4. It is used in complex terrain and inaccessible places.

Maximum Hole Depth, m 5
Hole Diameter, m 0.36/0.50/0.63/0.80
Hoisting Capacity, tn 2
Maximum Hook-lifting Height, m 8
Drilling Angle, ° 80-95
Productivity, m/h 10
Maximum torque, N·m 4900
Tracked Chassis TSN-4
Track Width, mm 520
Dimensions in transport position L×W×H, mm 7900x2800x3000
Dimensions in operating position (90°) L×W×H, mm 7800x2800x7700